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About Us

The truth is most mattress companies are lying. Their beds aren't as good as they are marketed to be. Their prices are outrageous, and the quality is not as good as it seems. Good thing you stumbled upon Mattress Magic where Quality, Expertise, and Price join forces. Mattress Magic is focused on providing customers with premier mattress, bedding and furniture options. We know you are sick of all the mattress commercials and are probably confused or unsure of which one to pick. That is why our highly experienced team handpicks the best beds on the market to ensure you are getting what you deserve, a good nights rest. We carry everything from Pillow Tops, Cool Gel, Hybrid Foam & the leading adjustable base brands. Even if you live a busy life and find it hard to make time to get out and about we have options for you. Four of the best beds in the marketplace are available for purchase online so you never have to step foot out of your house. Simply make your pick, choose a delivery date and your one step closer to having the most magical night of sleep in your life.